Tad Griggs (alphakami) wrote,
Tad Griggs


I just finished Initial D, 4th Stage.

Of couse, I'm gonna be thinking alot. About me, mostly. It was about 4 years ago that I got my first AE86. I've owned 5 of 'em since then. I currently own 3.

It's like something that was said in Good Will Hunting... it's not if the person if perfect, it's if they are perfect for you. That's the only thing I can compare it too. My love of this car has no logical explination. None. They are old, slow by todays standards... nothing really special... but I continue to grow with this car. year after year, without fail, I get better.

Hell, the reason I should dump the 86 and move on are numerous. The fucking prices are so inflated now it makes it difficult at best to obtain parts. Any car you find now, if worn to peices, but I just can't quit. It's my passion, I suppose. Even tho I will be getting either a WRX or another Miata in a few months, I'll still be clinging to my AE86 project.

I've learned something new tonight. I've driven that chassis for a long time now. I was driving against a far superior car tonight, with a driver who's base level techniques are roughly equal to my own. I overstepped my car's limits twice tonight.... and I didn't leave the road. I'm mentally clinging to that... that all the practice and time dosen't make me a faster driver, it just puts me in a greater level of control. I'm fallable. I fuck up. Often, actually. But the ability to recover or semi-recover from a fuck up is what I feel seperates me. Oh well, I'm happy.

job at the gym is going great, overall.

Side work is going well. Major progress on my friend's MR2 project.

I've been socializing with female lately. That's quite nice.

Street Fighter is another story entirely. I'm back in competitive mode, whether I like it or not. Fraley is no longer my mark, but my partner, my brother in arms. I could write paragraphs on that shit, but I guess I just need to go and learn the basics all over again.

Life if pretty good. Ups and downs, yo, but I'm pretty happy overall. Peace!
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