Tad Griggs (alphakami) wrote,
Tad Griggs

It's much better to face these things with a sense of poise and rationality.

Hrmm, what to write?

Having alot of fun with Guilty Gear. Always do.

Job is pretty damn good, as usual.

I have a garage/shop now. It's rather nice. Kinda small, but clean and comfortable. My (well one) AE86 is over there right now. One of the many I picked up is a rather nice GT-S Hatch. I'mma go thru it, clean it up, do some basic performance upgrades and use it as my daily.

I have a few websties now. One for the gym, one for guilty gear crew, and one for my car related shit. Do I do anything else? Not really.

I must be slightly fucked in the head about the opposite sex. No, I'm not 'coming out of the closet' I'm not even in it secretly, trust me. I guess during my life, some wiring may have been crossed up or something. I just don't desire a companion. Someone to love and hold and blah blah blah. Sure, I like getting laid. I do occasionally, like most folk. I just don't get why so many people take such a beating for a 'significant other' I mean, WTF, mate?

I see people do shit that is basically self torment for two things mainly. Love and Religion. I do that shit, but I do it for myself, to serve my own ends.

Don't get me wrong. I think love and marrige are fine, if you find someone it works with.

One girl I know was hanging out with myself and a few friends of mine last night. She was all fucking worried about making sure her cellular leash was right on her. "Oh he gets mad blah blah fuckity shit" Why subject yourself to that? Is his cock that great that the sexual pleasure is worth it? I mean, what else could it be because it's apparently not built on trust and friendship if he's gotta control you.

I could go on siting examples, but anyone reading this has seen it, or is subjecting yourself to it.

The older I get, the more I see the wisdom in what my father told me. You have to learn to be happy with yourself. I'm getting there.

Other than that, I'm just enjoying things right now. Many of my friends think I work to hard or too much, but it's just how I like living. Mabye I work too hard for them, but I can go anywhere anytime bascially because I don't have a 'companion' to consider. It's just how I like it I guess.... and if you like putting yourself thru what I consider pointless torment of chasing cock/tail, then I guess I'm entitled to put myself thru the pointless torment of working my ass off with my projects.

Whatever you do, I just hope you enjoy it. I know I do!
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