Tad Griggs (alphakami) wrote,
Tad Griggs

The end of Silmeria. Another peak in the circle of life.

About 5 1/2 years ago, I played the first Valkyrie Profile. I've been playing games in a very hardcore fashion for about 20 years at that point. I'd played many many great games, ones that I loved dearly, and that really changed my perspective for a while... like a great movie does, but even more so... some of those I played growing up were Ulitma IV and V on the Apple //c, Dragon Warrior 4 (I played all of them) Finaly Fantasy X was very good. I think 2/4 and 3/6 were the shining gems tho.

When I played profile, I lived in Westfield. All I did for about 2 weeks was play that game and go to work and sleep a little. Really. I'd play the fucker for 12 hours a day for about 2 weeks straight. I loved everything about it, and like other things in life, it was the standard by which all others were judged. Nothing would ever be better.

2 weeks ago, the sequel to Profile came out... VP2: Slimeria. I'd been excited about this game for about a year now. I just finished it.... after... hrmm. 2 weeks. Funny how that works. I didn't play this game nearly as much as the first. Only about 80 hours. I haven't done the bonus sutff or seen nearly all the game has to offer. It was amazing. The story was fucking spectacular. Just about everything was the creme de la creme, so to speak. I'm very happy to have completed this game tho..... because I think it's really over. No, it wasn't as good as the first... I don't think a game will ever replace how much that game means to me. Hell, I have a tattoo from that game, but that's another story entirely. As I get older, I still cling to many things from my youth. Many of my childish ways. I regret NOTHING. I know that I'm mostly living my life in a way that makes me very happy. And now to continue with life as we all continue... in the prusuit of our own happiness. Now to go and continue my journies, because with like so many games I've become temporarily obsessed with and it has entranced me for days on end, I've finished them, and thus I'm liberated for a while. This one is even bigger than most. I haven't felt like this in years, so quiet outwardly, so content, so full of positive thoughts and emotions. I'll apply them for a while, hopefully a long while, but the circle of life will bring me down and back up again and again most likely. Everytime I make a trip thru that ciricle, I have things like these moments and many others to remind me that life truly is a good and amazing thing. Things like good video games, with good friends. Yes... many good friends who I share my time and thoughs with. Many cars to drive, techniques to refine. Flips to do, and people to help do filps. True happiness in my experince is a fleeting thing. You can hold it only breifly, but it leaves a lasting impression. I've felt it quite a few times. If I get to be happy, why can't everyone?

As someone who I consider very wise for his farily young age said to me recently; "Tad, Everyone has value." Yes... yes, he's right. They sure do.
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