Tad Griggs (alphakami) wrote,
Tad Griggs

Burning Four Project

So, I've begun the task of writing at least every few days or so. Why you ask? Because I must. Not because I have the need to express myself, or any such things as that. It's simply a matter of practice. It just something that I must learn to do.

I've been pretty quiet for a while. Only recently have I begun to start to let this out, but I suppose the time is upon me. I'm doing something. I'm doing something that scares the living shit out of me.

Back story time. I'm leaving the gym in July of this year. It's fact. It did take me some time to truly wrap myself around that, but it is true. After things happened in my work environment that made me re-consider my position there, I decided to go and chase my dreams instead. After the freedom had set in, it didn't take my mind too long to start chasing something. This is the Burning Four Project. Burning Four is a name I came up with some number of years ago. It was my idea in the automotive field. After many versions and business models in my mind, it's come to it's actual fruition. It's a television production company, with the aim to produce a short series of pilot episodes, loosely based upon the BBC's Top Gear, but adapted to the American market. That is the short of it, anyway.

Without sounding too egotistical, the project thus far has been an overwhelming success. Even in the stages of pre production, things are falling into place on a level that could have only been considered a pipe-dream when I started working on this a few months back.

Most anyone who has known much about me knows that I've talked much, and done little. I'm putting my ass on the line this time. I'm liquidating my possessions to raise money. I'm thinking for hours daily toward what it takes to make a TV show happen from basically nothing. I'm getting lawyers, I'm meeting cinematographers, I'm re-working my mannerisms to be presentable on television, I'm writing scripts, I'm trying to hire professional race drivers, video editors, helicopter pilots, camera operators, aspiring actors and actresses, ambulance drivers, secure racing track space, secure celebrities for segments, and the list goes on. I'm taking this seriously, this is my new job. I'm basically the CEO of a TV production company.

No one can promise a venture can be successful. This is like any other. One or two bad decisions and the pooch got screwed. Happily, I'm not to worried. I'm a calculated risk-taker, and the risk versus reward on this seems pretty damn good.

Downside: I go about 20,000 to 40,000 in debt, and I come away from it with the knowledge that I tried as hard as I could. Pick up the pieces and keep stepping. Life as usual.

Upside: It takes off.

Honesty: If what is in my head can become a reality, then it's great odds that the upside will happen. Good enough for me, really.

Honesty redux: If it is to be successful, then I will need small bits of help and support from a large number of people. I guess this is where I'm starting, to have my plea heard. Everything starts somewhere. This started long ago, and has taken years to build up any amount of inertia. It's now got me, and I'm in. If you are willing to lend your time, your voice, your brain, anything... then I need you. I'm willing to compensate in some way. I'm flexible, and I'm driven. I can't promise anything except that any generosity shown to me will not be forgotten. I only hope that I've lived my life in such a way that those that have graced my life thus far will know this to be true.

If you have any interest in working on this project with me in any capacity, please feel openly welcome to contact me.

I don't really know what more to say right now. That is the state of affairs.
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