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Back and There Again

Ending the Cycle

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Tad Griggs
6 July
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  • I prefer roundhouse kicks to the skull
I coach gymnastics, mostly cheerleaders. Make of it what you will. I breakdance, do martial arts, and generally try to use my body in every possible way. I smoke often and drink fairly often as well. I like to write poetry and I enjoy artistic things. I enjoy philosophy, especially my own. I love cars. I work on them, I race them, I try to be one with the machine. I play video games. I'm good, especially at Street Fighter series. I'm anti-social most of the time. I'm a devious person, and I like being evil sometimes. I like flowers and grassy fields. I like cuteness, and snuggling and talking for hours. I enjoy cooking sometimes.

I explore life. No boundaries, no limits, all possiblities.

240z, 4ag, 4age, ae86, afronova, anime, ass, backflip, backflips, batido, battle version, being billy badass, being strong, black belt jones, booze, breakdancing, breakin', capcom, capoeira, cars, chance, cheerleaders, cheerleading, choke, chow yun fat, clerks, club4ag, clutchless shifting, co-ed cheerleading, combos, cornering, corolla gts, cough drops, cvs2, dance dance revolution, datsun, datsun 810, ddr, double clutching, double mini, downhill driving, drinking and driving, driving, dynamite rave, ebonics, eunos, evading cops, fraley, freestyle, full braking, gymnastics, hachiroku, hairpin, high speeds, honesty, honing abilities, initial d, jack in the box, jackie chan, jdm, jiujitsu, keepin tha man down, kevin smith, kung fu, lady luck, life, long list of interests, lust for life, making cheerleaders, malt liquor, manga, marlboro, masami obari, masamune shiro, mechanics, miata, mountain passes, muscles, mvc2, my bro, my cock, nicotine, niggaplease, niggaz, nihongo, nismo, nissan, opposite lock, orgazmo, pain, para para paradise, partner stunting, peace, philosophy, picking on ricers, plot, psychic force, racing, randomness, realniggaz, rotary, rpgs, rubik's cube, rubiks cube, rumiko takahashi, rx7, scheme, sex, shock value, slutting, smoking, snuggling, solitude, solving the cube, speed cubing, street fighter, stunting, supra, swick, swinging the d, the green mile, titties, toss to hands, touge, trampoline, trd, trueno, tumbling, turbo, twisty roads, untamed souls, video games, vodka, water, weight lifting, winning, yo mamma, younger women, yuu watase

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