Tad Griggs (alphakami) wrote,
Tad Griggs

Dealing with failure

Tough subject. This time, it turns out to be rather simple. For the last 9 years of my coaching career, i've been wrong about higher level tricks. From basically layout's and onward, especially when it comes to fulls, double fulls, double backs, etc... form isn't the issue I thought it was. I was giving form far too much credit. In recent years, and espically recent months, I've been teaching much higher level tricks on a more regular basis, and with marginal results. Sure, those that did learn by my method were some of the cleanest I've seen, but at point does time versus progression become less of an issue? I've been judging every skill on the basis of olympic artistic women's gymnastics. Power tumblers, and tumblers in general do totally different shit than gymnasts do. How many gymnasts tumble out of double fulls and backs? Not fucking many.

Basically, I've been able to assertain the most important parts of technique and be able to mix that with a simpler method. How many cheerleaders need an olympic level double full? None. Because a power tumblers double full is MORE THAN sufficient for cheerleading. It's so good it's just as badass as Carly Patterson's.

After such a lull in my learning curve, It's starting all over again. I'm so in love/lust with my job. I'm really starting to climb to a new plateau, and it's all thanks to having my competitive power tumblers and cheerleaders to work with. And Nick, tho the man needs little of my help anymore. Heh, student and master roll switching place a bit.

But basic shit like Round-off and Backhandsprings and such. Yeah, I've been dead on about that. If the foundation is strong, the big tricks will come.

I need more beer.
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