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A taste of happiness? I think so....

I feel... remarkably wonderful. No shit. Break the chains that bind you and see what your potential truly is, I guess. I'm conquering fears I didn't even know I had. Work is going exceptionally well. My last half a year at Discovery is going to be the best of them all. Absolutely no doubt about that. When I leave, I'm really going to leave no regrets behind to the best of my ability. It's kinda like a spiritual, tribal type of test for me. I'm going out into the wilderness of the world with a mission. Chase my dreams and test my manhood. It would however, be quite foolish to simply go at it without a backup plan, so while I'm out, I'm going to keep learning. I'm going to continue on as an part time athlete, full time student of the Tumbling and Tramp world. I'm going to visit lots of other gyms in my travels and gather this knowledge. This is simply fact; those who rise to the top of the game do so by learning everyone from everyone they can, then making use if it in thier own way.

I know this, if I live on to grow old and die, then it will happen here, in the Santa Fe area. I don't know when I'll come back, it could be 20 years, it could be much sooner. In all probaility, it will be. If I do come back to settle here, and really carve my own life here, on my own terms, then I'll be much more ready. If I do it as a coach, then it's going to be something that is truly mine, and I'll have to tools to do it on my own terms as well.

Whatever, I'm just happy. That is about all there is to it. I have no problems sleepling, I have no problems getting up and doing what needs to be done. Everything... is just.... better.

P.S: My decision is to leave Discovery at the end of Summer, after Tumbling and Tramp Nationals. That is right before my birthday. I will not be working at C.A.T.S. either, which is Micah and Monica's gym. I will be leaving Columbia, and doing some traveling, possibly even internationally. I'm getting rid of many of my possessions, and chasing my passions and dreams. College of life if you will. My team kids do not yet know is, as they do not need such distractions during their competitive season. They are all working very hard and I'm am for them as well. They will be left in even more capable hands after I leave, this is certain. Looking out for these kids best interest is at the top of mine. So if you could happen across this knowledge, know that is shouln't be used a gossip if you are in such a position. Do a bunch of really good kids a favor and keep your mouth shut. You'd pretty much have to be a soulless peice of shit to do so. Yep.
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